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Holiday 4 Family
Enjoy complimentary tickets to Aquaria KLCC!
Furama Bukit Bintang
More Promotions from Furama Bukit Bintang | Promotion Details ▶
Stay Safe Drive Smooth Package
Enjoy complimentary airport transfer and other perks!
Furama Silom
More Promotions from Furama Silom | Promotion Details ▶
15% off - 3Nights Onwards
Save 15% with 3 consecutive nights!
Promotion Details ▶
20% off - 14 Days Advance
Save 20% off our Flexi rate when you book 14 Days Advance.
Promotion Details ▶
14 Days Advance
Save 20% when you book your rooms in advance!
Furama City Centre
More Promotions from Furama City Centre | Promotion Details ▶

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