“One-Stop Destination for Dining and Entertainment”

Relish in exquisite and contemporary Nanyang cuisines, handcrafted with meticulously selected ingredients. Our food philosophy is to let quality ingredients shine through with elegant simplicity.

Reviving the lost art of traditional spit-roasting over charcoals, we specialised in roast suckling pigs and Sri Lankan crabs. Every suckling pig is painstakingly roasted, with impeccable control over heat, to achieve the perfect balance of crackling skin and succulent meat.

Savour a variety of exquisite dishes prepared in different culinary styles using Giant Grouper, a highly-prized fish amongst gastronomes. Our signature Giant Grouper Porridge is a comforting bowl brimming with vitamins and is low in fat content, simmered in fish’s bone broth for four hours until each grain is infused with the natural sweetness of the fish.

Delight yourself in other signatures such as Japanese Kippin Dried Abalone and Black Pepper Crab. Every VIP room is equipped with a karaoke system so your guests can sing their hearts out at your private dining event. Live band performances of yesteryear classics to modern-day hits across different genres from 7PM, Monday - Saturday.
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