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  • Hotel Room Discount
  • Early check-in/late check out
  • Earn loyalty points


Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does it take for my FURAMAfirst membership to be activated?
    FURAMAfirst membership activation is immediate upon sign up.
  • When will I receive my FURAMAfirst membership card?
    There is no physical membership card. You will only require your email address or membership card number for identification.
  • When I sign up for FURAMAfirst during my stay, can I enjoy the benefits instantly?
    Yes, you may start enjoying the relevant benefits during your stay.
  • If I signed up for FURAMAfirst after checking out, am I still able to accumulate room nights/stays for the stay?
    No, you must sign up for FURAMAfirst during your stay or be an existing member.
  • Can I walk in to the hotel without prior room booking and enjoy my FURAMAfirst benefits?

    Yes, you may. However, we advise that you make the room booking in advance via www.furama.com to ensure that we have your preferred room available for the duration of your intended stay with us.

  • Can I book rooms for my friends using my FURAMAfirst membership? Will I earn FURAMAmints from their stay?

    Yes, you may book rooms for friends, limited to 3 rooms per day. While your friends may enjoy the discounted room rate, they will not be eligible for the other benefits. To earn FURAMAmints, you, the FURAMAfirst member must stay i.e. check in and check out from the hotel. FURAMAmints will only be awarded for the room that was under your name.

  • I am a FURAMAfirst member and my company has a contracted room rate with Furama. If I book with my contracted room rate, do I still earn FURAMAmints?

    Yes, you will earn FURAMAmints if your company contracted room rate is higher than the qualifying room rate, you booked directly with the hotel and stayed with us.

  • I have signed up for my FURAMAfirst membership but my FURAMAmints are not reflected. What can I do?

    For FURAMAfirst Gold and FURAMAfirst Platinum members, FURAMAmints are updated within 2 days of your check out date. If you do not receive them after 2 days, please email us at FURAMAfirst@furama.com with your name, membership number, hotel, room number and date of stay.

  • Do I earn FURAMAmints on my first stay?

    Yes, you will earn FURAMAmints if you are a FURAMAfirst Gold or FURAMAfirst Platinum member, booked via www.furama.com and stayed with us.

  • Can I stay in different Furama hotels, villas and resorts and still earn FURAMAmints?

    Yes, you will earn FURAMAmints when you provide your membership number and email at check-in.

  • Can I accumulate FURAMAmints from all expenses in the hotel?

    No, FURAMAmints are issued only for qualifying room rates booked via www.furama.com.

  • How are FURAMAmints calculated?

    You earn FURAMAmints with every qualifying room spend of 0.8 USD, 1 SGD, 25 THB, 10,000 IDR and 2.5 MYR.

    For each qualifying stay, you will earn 1 FURAMAmints per 1 SGD (or its equivalent).

    A qualified stay / qualified room night refers to a stay / room night booked at eligible room rates at participating hotels.
    Non-eligible room rates include, but are not limited to:

    • Complimentary roms;
    • Commissionable room rates booked via third parties for e.g. travel agents, online travel agents etc;
    • Room rates provided in conjunction with airline and / or travel industry discounts;
    • Room rates of airline crew members paid by the airline;
    • Room rates for group conventions or corporate meetings; or
    • Room rates for selected long-term stays
  • How can I see how many FURAMAmints I have?

    You may log in to your account at www.furama.com/furamafirst to view your FURAMAmints.

  • How do I claim my FURAMAmints?

    You may log in to your account at www.furama.com/furamafirst to redeem rewards, or tell us your wishlist and you might just get it with the right amount of FURAMAmints.

    Member will bear the postage charges should the redeemed item be required to be sent by post.
  • Can I exchange FURAMAmints for cash?

    No, FURAMAmints are strictly not exchangeable for cash.

  • What is the validity period of FURAMAmints?

    FURAMAmints are valid for two years upon issuance.