All-day Eggs Benedict Breakfast. Right after breakfast

Not available on our usual breakfast menu, the all-day breakfast items are served whole day, and night, right after breakfast and every day. The smell of fresh coffee, the lava-like flow of runny egg yolks from our showstopper Eggs Benny, and sweetened pancakes – there’s nothing quite like an extended English or Continental breakfast shared with family, friends and colleagues. Here at The Square@Furama, we have elevated the concept of all-day breakfast to a new level of experience.

You can now enjoy our Eggs Benedict all-day, right after breakfast. Yes! That means during lunch, tea-break and even at dinner time. With a variety of four Eggs Benedict to pick from – the classic ham, beef patty, chicken fillet and smoked salmon – it is a perfect spread from the norm. Especially when you crave something uniquely special, served after breakfast. Our Eggs Benedict come with two poached eggs sitting on two toasted muffins, topped with boiled white asparagus and sautéed creamed spinach, slathered with a generous coat of our signature Hollandaise sauce. And with unbeatable prices from $13.80++, you can be guaranteed it is value for money.

Other breakfast items include American Pancakes, Bratwurst Platter and our very own The Hearty Furama Breakfast. Be tempted by our spanking new breakfast items that are filled with uncommonly bursting flavours. Perfect for satisfying hungry mouths while sharing a wonderful conversation, at any time of the day, and not just for breakfast.


Feeling Peckish? Chock-full of protein, you can now enjoy our range of eggs Benedict layered with choice of ham, beef patty, chicken fillet or smoked salmon. Sitting on toasted muffins, boiled white asparagus and sautéed creamed spinach - the real showstopper is the runny egg yolk, glistening out with the prick of your fork or the cut of your knife slathered over with our signature Hollandaise sauce.

The Classic
S$13.80 ++
Beef Patty
S$17.80 ++
Spatchcock Chicken
S$17.80 ++
Smoked Salmon
S$19.80 ++

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